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Measuring the currency of knowledge of your people

About OCG

OCG is a cost-effective, independent and flexible system developed to measure the currency of knowledge of your people. We work with our clients to identify the key roles within their sector and then create competency assessments which are individually tailored. The results provide a clear picture of the current knowledge and competence of individuals in their actual roles.

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OCG Approach

The OCG approach involves two main stages. First is the Development Phase where the client’s needs are scoped out following a seven-step plan and the second the Implementation Phase, another seven-step initiative. The OCG approach gives you a clear picture of the competence of individual employees to fulfil their specific roles.

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OCG Water

OCG is a cost-effective solution for water companies wishing to demonstrate currency of technical competence for regulatory purposes and, in the process, identify development needs of personnel. OCG provides the most comprehensive suite of assessment pathways to measure competence on offer anywhere in the UK water industry.

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